Virolahti boasts a range of high-quality rental cottages – what would be more relaxing than to enjoy a stay at a cottage with all the mod cons in beautiful natural surroundings by the Baltic Sea? Check out the options and book your dream cottage! Or choose a local inn if you are looking for a homely atmosphere and authentic Southeastern hospitality.

Sometimes accommodation can be more than just the opportunity to rest your head on a pillow and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. The environment will calm your body and mind as you take in the surroundings with all five senses. Especially if you’re camping. Virolahti offers also extraordinary accommodation options, providing experiences for those of you who want something out of the ordinary.

Here you can find a list of cottages, villas, guesthouses and camping choices in our area (in Finnish). 

And what was that extraordinary option? Stay the night in a bunker! Bring your own cosy sleeping bag and a camping mattress and take shelter in the dome bunker in the yard of the Virolahti Bunker Museum. The overnight accommodation option is available to hikers on the Salpapolku trail and anyone else who might be interested. To dare or not to dare? 

Cottages & Villas


Guesthouses & Extraordinary Accommodation